Top 5 Products: LUSH

I love reading other bloggers’ “Top 5” style lists, mainly because it’s a great way to pick and choose a few favourite products from a range or a brand and share them with readers.

I’m only planning to do this for the brands that I know well, and I thought I’d start with LUSH because it can be a bit overwhelming walking into a LUSH store and not knowing where to look first. Below are my top picks.

Let The Good Times Roll - this was originally a limited edition cleanser but it was loved by customers so much that the brand decided to make it a permanent part of the range. It’s a wonderfully soft and gentle exfoliating cleanser for the face and body (I only use it on my face) and has a scent of caramel popcorn. Like many of their cleansers, this is a “solid cleanser” which means that you scoop out a pea size amount, add water and turn it into a paste in your hands, before massaging onto the face and rinsing off. Shop here

Rub Rub Rub - this is a shower scrub that can be used on the body and in the hair if you want to exfoliate the scalp. As much as I love a good body scrub, I’ve found that a lot of products that claim to be effective, really aren’t. You can do a quick test and see for yourself - when you’re done showering (and you’ve used the product you’re testing), use a towel and rub it back and forth across the area.

If rubbing causes dead skin to lift from the skin, the product hasn’t done its job. The dead skin will look similar to using a pencil eraser on paper. You know those rubbery bits? That. If rubbing with a towel doesn’t bring up residue, and instead it just dries the skin and leaves it feeling fairly soft, you know you’re onto a winner. And that’s exactly what Rub Rub Rub does. Shop here

Eyes Right - this is the mascara of dreams when it comes to lengthening lashes. I wouldn’t say it helps particularly with volume or in giving a super dramatic look, but if you’ve been blessed with short, stubby lashes, it’s a good one to add definition and length. It’s packed with great, lash strengthening ingredients including vitamins A, C, and E, and I’d recommend this one to people with slightly sensitive eyes who might be struggling to find something that doesn’t irritate your peepers. Shop here

Cup O’Coffee - I love this face mask. My sister hates it. I absolutely adore the smell of strong coffee so if you’re not a caffeine addict, give this one a miss. For the rest of you, this is an exfoliating, coffee based mask with vetivert (one of my favourite scents ever) and coriander oil. It’s a pleasure to apply and the scent is easily the best thing about this mask- to be honest, there aren’t a million things to say about a good face mask, other than it does what it says on the tin and acts as a deep cleansing scrub with the granules. Shop here

Sleepy - I love a good body lotion although I’m terrible at making sure I actually use one every day. This is a great one for the winter, particularly applied before bed, with all those notes of lavender and tonka with the gentleness of oatmeal and a hint of cocoa butter. It feels so nourishing and rich on the skin that it’s the perfect amount of cozy before bed. The scent lingers and in this cold weather, it feels delightful to have something this gentle envelop you so completely. It’s definitely on the pricier side for a body lotion but a little goes a long way and I’d recommend throughout the autumn and winter months for sure. Shop here