Things To Do After the Joy of Christmas

We waited all year for it, and it’s with great sadness that we wave goodbye to it once again. Christmas has officially been and gone for 2018, and for those of you just waking up from overindulgence induced naps, or clutching poorly heads and tummies from the ultimate hangover, you might be wondering what next.

Either that, or you’re ready to hibernate until March.

I love Christmas time and it’s a time of year that I always find tremendously festive and beautiful. Interestingly enough, I don’t actually celebrate Christmas and it’s not something my family has ever really paid any attention to. However, being born and raised in the UK has meant that I’ve always had my own sense of tradition and adventure surrounding Christmas, which inevitably start as the fireworks end every Bonfire Night.

In the post Christmas haze, there’s always a bit of a slump; that feeling that kicks in when the magic ends and you’re suddenly left with a kitchen full of washing up, a forest’s worth of used wrapping paper, children’s toys that you will, of course, step on, every time you stand up from the sofa, and a pretty empty fridge, all things considered.

In years past, I’ve had my own little “things to do” before the New Year’s Eve festivities kick in. To be honest, they’ve generally centred around the Boxing Day sales and finding bargains amongst the tat.

This year however, I thought I’d challenge myself to see if I could come up with a few new ideas. Ones that don’t involve emptying my bank account and buying things that, chances are, I’ll never use. Here’s a list I came up with, of things you can do to beat the post-Christmas blues.

Let’s go.

  1. Go for a walk - before you cosh me over the head, hear me out. Fresh air is often the cure of many ills, and I’m guessing you’ve probably overdone it a bit with all the rich, indulgent food on your dinner table. Getting out of the house will help you burn off some of those calories, get fresh air into those lungs, and most importantly, give you a chance to actively spend time with your loved ones without glazing bleary eyed at the television screen. Again.

  2. Count the money - money woes and financial stress can have you reaching for the duvet not to be seen again until the middle of next year. I’d recommend sitting down, looking at how much money you have, working out bills and payments due, factoring in when you will next be getting paid, and writing a list. Chances are you’ll need to budget properly until next payday at least, so make sure you know exactly where you stand. If that means not spending very much, or anything at all in the next few weeks, then try to stick to that as closely as possible.

  3. Attend events - there are events on at all times of year, including just after Christmas, and many can be accessed for free in your local area. Have a look at your local listings, community centres or shops; alternatively, you can always Google free things to do in [your area].

  4. Go to the cinema - the festive season is primetime for new movie releases and there’s a couple of big ones about at the moment including, Aquaman, Mary Poppins Returns and Bumblebee. Personally, I’d suggest Mary Poppins as the perfect post-Christmas treat which offers nostalgia, merriment and a fun time for all the family, but of course, go for whatever takes your fancy.

  5. Volunteering - charities are always in need of volunteers. Do some digging in your local area and find a cause that sparks your interest. Bear in mind that some charities will have had many volunteering offers and may not be able to take you on immediately, but there’s always somewhere else that will. And remember that volunteering isn’t just for Christmas. Stay in touch with the charity after the New Year and you could even become a regular!