Review: Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser

This isn’t news but I love a good cleansing cream. And I love a bargain.

I’m a huge fan of high street skincare products; I don’t see much point in spending a lot of money on cleansers, frankly because they sit on your face for 10 seconds and get washed off to go straight down the drain.

(My top tip is always to focus your money on your serum and acid toner if you want to look at high end products).

This one is a doozy from Superdrug’s own Naturally Radiant range. The range targets dull, uneven skintone with brightening and radiance boosting ingredients.

It’s a hot cloth cleanser which is pretty much the only kind of cleanser I like to use, and its packed with kiwi fruit and mulberry extracts to give you a glow, with cocoa butter thrown in to give you that soft, luxurious feel as you massage into the skin.

I don’t have a huge amount to say about it other than, it works, smells great, massages in like a dream and wipes away cleanly. As ever, with any good cream cleanser, there is no leftover tackiness or tightness on the skin. Instead, it leaves your skin feeling fresh and ready to move on to the next step.

I have re-purchased this a few times before writing this blogpost because I love it so much, it’s easily accessible online and in-store, is affordable and lasts forever. Because it happens to be a Superdrug own range, it’s usually on offer and you can stock for less than £3!

Available from Superdrug (UK) instore and here