The Perfect Structured Black Bag

The structured black bag holds a dear place in my heart. It was one of the first bags I bought as a “grown up,” and it is still the one that offers the most in terms of ease of wear, classiness, durability and longevity.

At no point in my fashion memory, has it ever been out of style to carry a structured black bag. Ever.

It’s the one to grab when you’re not quite sure what else will suit your outfit, it’s the easiest day to night bag if needed, you can fit most of your life (if not your entire life) within its hallowed compartments, and frankly, it just looks good.

I am not a brand snob and nowhere is this seen more than with my black bags. The high street is just as good as high-end and I’ve personally never noticed enough of a difference in quality to tempt me one way or the other.

Below, I’ve rounded up a couple of my current favourites available mostly on the high street but a couple of higher-end ones in there too.

  1. Metal Detail Grab Bag - LIPSY - £48.00, Shop now

  2. Triple Compartment Bag - Fiorelli - £69.00, Shop now

  3. Robyn Structured Tote - Kurt Geiger - £59.00, Shop now

  4. Elissa Large Tote - DKNY - £192.00, Shop now

  5. CK Base Medium Shopper Tote - Calvin Klein - £94.00, Shop now

  6. Mercer Gallery Medium Tote - Michael Kors - £252.00, Shop now