How To Get Bigger, Bolder Lashes

Bold brows are still in for 2018 but lashes are taking centre stage, with bigger, fuller, lush lashes the aim of the game. I have quite big eyes so super-volumnised lashes look best on me; if your eyes are a little smaller, I'd suggest a slightly more natural look but do whatever floats your boat. They're your lashes, make 'em pop however you want.

Start with a Serum

You want to make sure your natural lashes are as strong as they possibly can be, and encourage as much natural lash growth and lengthening as you can. There are a couple of well known favourite serums on the market, but my personal go to has always been RapidLash.

I saw a difference within a week of using this, and if like me, you're a fan of false lashes occasionally, this serum helps to keep your own lashes as strong as they should be underneath. Use a serum at least every night before bed to give your bare lashes maximum time to reap the benefits. 


Use a Primer

Lash primers are actually a fabulous secret gem that genuinely help to condition your lashes and prepare them for mascara. Most primers help mascara to stick more cleanly without flaking off as well as plumping the hair itself underneath, providing a volumnising effect overall.

I love Clinique's Lash Building Primer for this, mainly because I trust the science behind their products. As a primarily skincare focused brand, you know that what you're getting is the best product possible, backed up by the oomph of clinical research.



Curl Your Lashes

Using a pair of eyelash curlers seems to be a dying art. But trust me when I say, it can make all the difference. The trick is to curl both before AND after applying mascara, not just before, the way we were taught as teenagers. Curling the lashes provides a fanned out and volumnised look, making lashes appear longer and bigger than they are. 

Any eyelash curlers will do. I'm a fan of a traditional metal pair like these, but you should grab whatever you find easiest to use. 




Use TWO Mascara's

Trust me on this. We've all had the problem of never being able to find a single mascara that does everything you want it to. I've found that the trick is to use a separate mascara for each purpose. The two things you're focusing on here are definition and volumnisation. You can use whichever mascara's you like for this if you have any firm favourites. 

At the moment I'm loving this one by Maybelline for definition. This is the Define-a-Lash mascara. After applying two coats, I curl my lashes again before going in with the second mascara.

The second mascara I love is Prestige's My Biggest Lashes which has got to be the best mascara I've found for creating a super dramatic, volumnised look. I apply two coats and follow by curling the lashes once again.