BookNook - May 2018

I thought I'd start a book favourites series although I doubt I'll post something on this every month, mainly because once you get to know my reading tastes, you'll probably be bored with my choices :) But here are a few that I've really been loving recently. I'd describe my taste as eclectic but there's a definite theme of happy endings. I tend to stick to fiction usually because I hate having to read anything depressing if I don't have to, unless it comes to the news or serious journals etc., in which case I tend to devour them whole! Strange I know, but it is what it is and I make no apologies for it! :)


Fatal series by Marie Force

I adore this series so completely. I am genuinely fully invested in Nick and Sam Cappuano's relationship - I love the political element to these books but also that it doesn't take away from the life and love that comes through so much. Sam's struggle with conceiving, adopting a grown boy, dealing with family troubles and all while holding down a day job in the NYPD and being a wife to a US Senator turned VP. I have nothing bad to say about this series, I just hope it doesn't end. (And also that Sam eventually gets the baby she wants so much).

Fallen Crest series by Tijan

This is a classic YA series and also the one that introduced me to Tijan's writing. Wow. And I mean WOW. This woman knows how to write. I think Fallen Crest is her best known work and I kid you not when I say that I can easily see this whole storyline being adapted for TV, omg, the drama! This is a seven book series in total and follows the journey of Samantha and the Kade brothers.

I think what I love the most about Fallen Crest and also in Tijan's other books, is that her female leads are always strong, independent, determined young women. Yes, there's a running theme of falling in love (generally with someone fairly unsuitable), but who cares when you have a badass female lead ready to push through all the obstacles in her path. If you like YA books and you haven't read this series, you absolutely must. Trust me, you'll thank me later!

Ruthless People series by JJ. Mcavoy

Oh my. Where do I even start with this series. Although there are technically two lead characters in this series, I think the female lead, Melody Giovanni comes through much more strongly. Like the other series above, she is a seriously determined and focused woman with no plans to let anyone get in her way. Unlike the other series, in the Ruthless People world, Melody is the head of the Russian mob and perhaps the most ruthless of them all. It's an odd one because clearly there are an awful lot of references to crime families and the things they do, but as an individual character, Melody is maybe one of the most compelling female leads I've read in a long time.

I'd suggest suspending disbelief with moral judgments if you read this one, but in so many other ways, it's exactly right when it comes to the love story between Melody and Liam. Theirs is a very dominant story and during the first book, when their relationship eventually settles, I found myself rooting for them so much to find their peace and to be able to move forward with life. If you've never read anything in the "mob romance" genre, this one will chuck you in at the deep end, but damn if it isn't all worth it.

Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong

This series is slightly different in that it moves from one set of lead characters to others as the series develops, all of whom belong to the Otherworld in some way. This series is set in our world but its characters come from the Otherworld which is home to witches, sorcerers, werewolves, vampires and all manner of other creatures, weird and wonderful.

I do love the whole series but there are two books in particular that I really loved, which focus on my two favorite leads. The books are Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic with Paige and Lucas as the leads. Theirs is a funny and fiesty relationship which I adore. (And for the super sleuths among you, you may recognize these names from the TV show 'Bitten' which was the Canadian adaptation of the earlier books in the series, when it's focused on Elena and Clay and their relationship).

Happy reading friends! Let me know which books you're loving at the moment and any titles I should check out <3