Review: Neutrogena Body Clear® Body Wash


Wow. That's all I can say as I write this post. If you've read my post on acids, you'll probably already know that I love acids in skincare and I've been using them on my face for years. But a few months ago, I had a bit of a Eureka moment about my bodycare products - after all, if acids are great for your face, then they must be good for your body, after all, your skin is your largest organ.  

I had some trouble finding a body wash containing salicylic acid in the UK however, so I had to order this one from iHerb. It arrived a few weeks later and I've been using it once a week since them. It's a standard body wash with some grapefruit beads in there that smell fresh and leave you feeling a little zingy and ready to face the day.

I'd suggest limiting how often you use this and how much you use per application - I found it quite drying when I overdid it although it cut through any dead skin on the surface and left me with clean and clear skin. It does have exfoliating properties which I boosted by using a long handled bath sponge which gave it a slight abrasiveness. In the last few weeks I've noticed that my skin texture has evened out and my skin looks brighter and clearer which is great. It's also helped to reduce ingrowing hairs which is fabulous. 

Once you're washed and rinsed, use a body conditioner or a body lotion to re-hydrate the skin and lock in some moisture.