How To Keep Your Lips Poppin' This Summer

You'd think that dry, chapped lips were a sidenote to the cold, winter air but yours truly seems to suffer from them, on and off, all year round. We all develop our own little tips and tricks to keep our smackers looking healthy, but if you're looking for a few pointers, here are my top tips on how to keep your lips in kissable condition this summer, as well as a couple of product recommendations if you need that little bit of extra help.


  1. Stay hydrated - this might be obvious but it's astonishing how many people think they're drinking enough water, but really aren't. If you find it difficult to drink enough plain water, you can try flavoured water, or even water-rich foods, such as cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce. Snack on these throughout the day to keep your mouth and lips hydrated.
  2. Don't lick your lips - especially in the summer, but really, at all times of the year. What actually happens when you lick your lips is that although you there's a brief moment of having moist lips, the moisture evaporates almost instantly leaving you with even drier lips. 
  3. Avoid lipstick - some lipsticks are worse than others, but as a general rule, the ingredients in lipsticks are drying. If you're a frequent lipstick wearer, try swapping it for a lip balm for a week, or even going bare completely, and see how you get on. It could make all the difference.
  4. Allergens - it is possible that ingredients in any skincare or make-up products, or even your toothpaste, contain allergens which you're sensitive to, and are therefore leaving you with dry lips after having contact with them. Try to pare back your skincare as far as possible as well as avoiding the general lip area when using products. You could also try swapping your toothpaste for something with fewer preservatives.
  5. Invest in a humidifier - if the air is dry around you, your skin will dry out. This can happen at any time of year if you're in a climate with dry heat in summer, or living with central heating in winter. If you can, invest in a humidifier for your room whilst you sleep. This will create moisture in the air which should help. You should generally aim for 30-50% humidity. 
  6. Check your diet -  if you're not getting enough of the right nutrients and minerals in your diet, this can cause all kinds of physical side-effects from bloating to spotty skin and even dry lips. It's worth reviewing your eating habits and ensuring you are getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to keep functioning healthily. 


If you've tried all the usual tips and tricks and haven't been able to workout what the issue might be, try using a lip balm for a week and see how your lips feel. Here are my top recommendations. 

  1. Carmex - the budget-friendly saviour of wallets everywhere. Carmex is synonymous with lip balm and it offers a no-nonsense soothing application of protection to the lips that plumps and hydrates. BUY.
  2. DIOR Lip Glow - Hydrating Colour Reviver Lip Balm - a cross between a classic lip balm and a hydrating lip tint, this is available in three finishes depending on your mood. You can choose from the Orignal Glow, Matte Glow and Holographic Glow. Each finish is available in 10 flattering shades to suit all skin tones. BUY
  3. Dr. Lipp's Orignal Nipple Balma different name for a balm for sure, and it can certainly be used on sore or cracked nipples if that's what you need. But Dr. Lipp's Original Balm is just a gorgeously thick, multi-purpose balm that can be used on everything from chapped lips to cracked heels. It's 100% lanolin and this is the one I reach for in the middle of winter when the air is harsh to battle off a biting wind from leaving my lips in a sorry state. It works wonders and it isn't too expensive either! BUY