Welcome to the Family, Meghan!


It hasn't been too often lately that I've felt inspired to write a new post, but I have to say, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday has definitely put me in the mood to put pen to paper (or words to keyboard) as it happens. The wedding itself was beautiful and I thought, a befitting ceremony for Harry and Meghan, which wasn't as OTT as Prince William's (obviously), but lovely nevertheless.

The first thing - we officially have a biracial woman as a member of one of the oldest, conservative institutions in the world. Not gonna lie, I never thought that was going to happen in my lifetime and I'm younger than Prince Harry. But I think in other ways, it doesn't entirely surprise me coming from Princess Diana's younger son. She was a rule breaker and he definitely inherited his mother's streak for doing things his own way. He adores Meghan which was obvious to everyone who saw the wedding, but I'm pretty sure I can imagine him giving a huge two fingers to the British Establishment. It's really a very unforgiving institution, but really, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Meghan, who, like everyone else, I was aware from Suits, I loved anyway. She's classy and individual and has championed so many important causes over the years that I really became a huge fan of hers just through watching the show. I'm very interested to see how she handles being opinionated and a member of the royal family. The royals, of course, aren't exactly known for their hard-hitting views, so she's either going to start turning things on their head, or as Kate did, adapt to survive until we barely hear a peep out of her.

Personally, I hope she retains her individuality. I have a feeling that Harry is well aware of how unforgiving the monarchy is (he remembers what it was like for his mother), and I have a feeling Meghan will find a strong champion in Harry.

I do love that both Harry and William have tried to keep things as "normal" as possible with their families, obviously taking into account they're not from a normal family. But that Harry and Meghan are currently living in the tiny Nottingham cottage is actually very cute.

I think Meghan's going to be a good change for us although it's clear that certain elements of our press don't agree. The Daily Mail has already said its piece about the need for royals to be "unscrupulously neutral," a clear dig (and to my mind, a threat) to Meghan's history of being outspoken. It might be time for someone to start shaking things up with the press too...Unfortunately for Meghan however, I think she's had it relatively easy up to now when it comes to the press and the honeymoon period she's enjoyed with the media will soon come to an end. British media is easily one of the most tiresome and vile institutions in the world and it takes a certain type to be able to handle it. Only time will tell if Meghan's that person.

People across the UK wish her well as was clear from the crowds lining the streets on Saturday, unless obviously, you're of the view that a rich, white girl from Chelsea should have got the role but bad luck if that's you. Harry was never going to follow the script.

For what it's worth, she seems to be surrounded by people focused on making her transition as painless as possible which is a good thing, and she will have unwavering support from Harry, so who knows, maybe it will all work out.